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Advice on what do when someone dies

We’ve put together the actions you need to take following a death. We’re here to support you so do contact us if you have any further questions.

Organising a funeral

Our friendly and dedicated team
Our friendly and dedicated team

We all have different opinions throughout life. At the end of life, there is no right or wrong when it comes to arranging a funeral.

Our policy is that if it is legal and possible, we will help you to achieve it. We thrive on finding different ways to help you to celebrate a life…

More about our approach to arranging funerals

Our other bereavement services

We can help you with all the additional services that mean the most when marking the passing of a loved one.

Colin Smith Memorials

Great Yarmouth based Colin Smith Memorials provides our monumental masonry service including inscriptions. They can be contacted on 01493 748613.

Funeral Motorcycles:


We work with Alec Butcher at Funeral Motorcycles . Alec has been riding motorcycles for over forty years, and believes that motorcycling can give a huge amount of pleasure and enjoyment throughout life. Alec is a qualified Funeral Director with over 25 years of experience within the profession. In a bid to bring these two passions together, Alec has commissioned the design of a sidecar hearse, which gives a modern and simple, yet dignified, option for those who wish to arrange a funeral that reflects their loved one’s interest in motorcycles. He also collaborates with us to provide a range of funeral limousines.

Ongoing Support

Join us at  our Martham Solo Group – helping you pick up the pieces after bereavement.

Local Family Owned Independent Funeral Directors serving the Great Yarmouth area. In association with Colin Smith Memorials.