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Floral Arrangements

Flowers with Murrant Logo

At Murrant Family Funeral Services we know how important it is to personalise a loved one’s funeral with flowers, choosing a floral tribute to match their personality or something they loved, or even a floral arrangement in the shape of an activity they enjoyed doing. We can provide many different options and classic lettering to travel with your loved one to their place of rest.

We work closely with our local florist to provide high-quality, fresh displays that meet your requirements.

Prices are variable and will be discussed, but all budgets can be catered for.

A pink wreath design, suitable for display on a coffin or as an addition to a hearse. 

Pink wreath

A blue horseshoe design which can be personalised to your requirements with different colours. 

Horseshoe flower wreath

Floral cushions can be personised with something your loved one enjoyed doing or was known for in the colours you ask for.

Floral cushions boxing

Floral Sprays for Coffins

Your loved one’s coffin can be adorned with many different floral sprays and personalised to suit all budgets and requirements.

floral spray yellowFloral spray for coffin red rosesFloral Spray on coffin