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Hearses and Transport

At Murrant Family Funeral Services, we know how important it can be for your loved one and their family to arrive at a funeral service in a way to be remembered.

We can offer various options, from the traditional hearse and limousines to alternatives such as horse-drawn and motorcycle hearses.

We are happy to discuss your requirements and aim to supply any vehicle you wish; our ethos is that if it is safe and legal, we will strive to make your loved one’s journey exactly as they wish.

Traditional Hearse

Funeral hearse at Gorleston crematorium

Our traditional hearse will transport your loved one to their funeral service with the member of staff responsible for conducting on the day paging the vehicle when we are close to the address both at the family home if your loved one is travelling from there and also as we reach the crematorium or church entrance, giving the day the dignified posterity it deserves.

Our limousines seat up to 7 people and will allow you to travel behind the hearse to the funeral service in a relaxed and hassle free way. The limousines will also return you to either the home or wake venue after the service as part of the service.

Motorcycle and Sidecar

Motorcycle and Sidecar funeral transport

We know that not everyone wants the traditional approach when considering the mode of transport most suitable for a loved one. We can offer alternatives such as our motorcycle hearse. Your loved one will travel with our experienced rider, who can offer different motorcycles depending on your requirements and will match their attire to suit the occasion. You can follow the motorcycle in a limousine or your own vehicle to your loved ones resting place.

Horse Drawn Hearse

Horse Drawn Hearse

Classic horse-drawn hearses are a beautiful form of funeral transport for horse lovers or a family who would like something a little different for their loved one’s final journey. We can provide different options for the horse-drawn hearse and the horses and plumes in a choice of colours can also be worn by the horses to add a personal touch.

Something Different

Something Different

If you are looking for something different, at Murrant Family Funeral Services, we can offer a very special wrapped hearse. Please ask for the price and availability of a truly different mode of transport.

pink hearseRainbow HearseHearse with the Union flag


For more information on funeral transport or anything else funeral-related, please contact us today.