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The Day Of The Funeral: What to Expect

The Day Of The Funeral: What to Expect

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This post is designed to give you an understanding of the events that happen on the day of your loved one’s funeral. Our Martham and Great Yarmouth-based funeral directors,  Murrant Family Funeral Services, have provided this information to help during the most challenging of times.

A Culmination of Your Hard Work

The day of your loved one’s funeral is a culmination of all the hard work you have put in alongside your funeral director to compose an occasion that befits the person who died, thinking about them as an individual and providing everything we can to show that on their special day.

We at Murrant Family Funeral Services will contact you in the days leading up to the service, offer support and answer any last-minute questions. We will also ensure you are provided with all on-the-day timings needed in advance to avoid any unnecessary stress on the day itself.

The Funeral Transport Plan

On the day of the funeral itself, if you have chosen to have the hearse alone or the hearse and accompanying limousine(s) arrive at an address ahead of moving on to your loved one’s funeral service, we will arrive in plenty of time in full mourning attire and will page the hearse (walk in front) both on arrival and departure from the address. We will also page at the funeral destination. Be that a church, crematorium or chapel. We believe in a complete, traditional and dignified approach at all times.

Funeral Organisation

If you have opted for items such as service sheets or framed photographs to be at the funeral service, we will ensure that these are at our destination ahead of time and that everything is ready. This removes some of the worry, and you can focus on the day itself.

Management of People on Arrival

On arrival at our destination, we will seat all mourners and be on hand for anything you or the congregation need. We will follow your wishes with regard to seating and accompany you if you wish to follow behind your loved one’s coffin as they enter the building. We will then assist you with being seated. We will be there throughout the service for support, guidance and anything else you may require.

After the Funeral Service

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Following the service, we will ensure all mourners are treated with gentleness and compassion and not rushed from the building. We will look after you and your loved ones with kindness and professionalism, ensuring all your needs are met; whether you want to be the last to leave or take the funeral flowers to the wake, we will organise this for you. We will always try our best to accommodate any last-minute requests or alternations as best as possible.

If you have opted to include a limousine, the funeral conductor will accompany you where possible, either back to your address or to a local chosen venue for the wake. We will then say our goodbyes and leave you to share memories of your loved one in a more relaxed environment.



If you are worried about any part of the funeral proceedings, our team are here to support you and your family, so please give us a call or pop into one of our offices in Martham or Great Yarmouth. Or you can always call us, and we will put your mind at ease. We pride ourselves on being able to answer any questions promptly and providing anything we can to ensure the day is as unique and special as your loved one.

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